The new kid on the block – golang

Do you remember my article about the speed of sorting large data chunk in different languages? Of course you don’t. So, I advice you to go through that article as there is a description of the test procedure. However, today I’m going to extend this benchmark by testing go language. The results will be surprising…

Raport 2/2018: krótki przegląd rynku pracy IT

Drogi Czytelniku tym razem zobaczymy jak wygląda nasz rodzimy rynek pracy. Nie będzie to poważne studium poparte wieloletnimi badaniami, a raczej szybkie spojrzenie na obecną sytuację. Zobaczymy jakie oferty czekają na specjalistów IT i które specjalizacje są najbardziej pożądane na rynku pracy.

New word order – sorting

Almost every modern language comes with sorting procedures. Is there any reason to dive into? Very often it doesn’t matter which sorting procedure we select. Especially when we’re sorting a relatively small set of data, say, less than 1000 records, and the performance is not critical. Moreover, some languages give no options but one sorting […]

Ethereal stuff – volatile

In this article I’m going to share some details about the volatile keyword available in a number of programming languages like C++, C, Java. During my professional career, I have found out that the volatile type qualifier is frequently misunderstood and, what is even worse, incorrectly used (leading to nasty bugs). I’ll show the differences […]