Yet another top-friend: irqtop

Some time ago I wrote an article about top-tools. Today I’d like to add another one to the list, that is, irqtop which is very useful for performance measurements and investigations. I may be biased a little bit because I have contributed to that project but the tool has given me help in many cases so I have no doubt about its value. Let me show you what’s that.

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Raport 2/2018: krótki przegląd rynku pracy IT

Drogi Czytelniku tym razem zobaczymy jak wygląda nasz rodzimy rynek pracy. Nie będzie to poważne studium poparte wieloletnimi badaniami, a raczej szybkie spojrzenie na obecną sytuację. Zobaczymy jakie oferty czekają na specjalistów IT i które specjalizacje są najbardziej pożądane na rynku pracy.
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New word order – sorting

Almost every modern language comes with sorting procedures. Is there any reason to dive into?

Very often it doesn’t matter which sorting procedure we select. Especially when we’re sorting a relatively small set of data, say, less than 1000 records, and the performance is not critical. Moreover, some languages give no options but one sorting procedure (taking into consideration only basic language facilities).

But what if we have gigabytes to be sorted? Let’s check out that case. Czytaj dalej New word order – sorting

Ethereal stuff – volatile

In this article I’m going to share some details about the volatile keyword available in a number of programming languages like C++, C, Java. During my professional career, I have found out that the volatile type qualifier is frequently misunderstood and, what is even worse, incorrectly used (leading to nasty bugs).

I’ll show the differences between C/C++ and Java languages and present some examples. However, this is not a definitive guide. The main purpose of this article is to give some overview and highlight potential problems.

The volatile keyword differs from language to language, thus we can’t just write one definition for all. Fortunately, the volatile type identifier serves the same purpose in C and C++ (albeit C++ slightly extends the definition). Czytaj dalej Ethereal stuff – volatile